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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bed Time Stories

I was out last night and did not get in until everyone else in my household had fallen asleep. This morning, as I checked in with S. about what everyone did last night, she told me that her father read her a bedtime story, just like when she was a little girl. "What did daddy read to you," I asked. "The Metamorphosis," she replied. "Kafka?," I responded. "Yes. Kafka."

The Mixin' Kitchen 5 - Red Hot Fire

The latest espisode of The Mixin' Kitchen is now up. (Somehow I was remiss in not posting episode 4). As the fire raged in southern California at the time I was curating the show, I could not escape, the heat and power of fire and all that implies. Best wishes for those who were victims of the recent blazes.
You can listen via iTunes or at