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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Mixin' Kitchen 14 -- The Kitchen Sink

The “Kitchen Sink” episode featuring a non-thematic and rather eclectic stew of some of my favorite songs. Happy new year!

You can listen by visiting ccmixter or by downloading the podcast via iTunes. Or by the magic player below!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


It started as playful banter between myself and the brilliant architect and it turned into the most powerful creative project I have been involved in to date.  The light of connection shined brightly as 68 musicans created 94 original tracks as part of The White Cube Remix project.  And although it is my voice that is in the "foreground," in conjunction with the "background" of ambient beauty that starts with Gurdonark's samples, this project is so very much about the creative collective that ccmixter brings together. The amount of enthusiasm, interest, delight, inspiration and good will generated from this project has been astounding.

As the remixes started coming in at the inception of the project, I was energized and alert, my breath in that constant state of almost being held as my heart stopped until it had to start again.  It was the feeling of being in love;  anticipation and infatuation and devotion to this process that became explosive in and of itself, proving that connection, in this case through sound and respect, is indeed a transformative light.  I fell deeper and deeper and deeper in love.

And I learned through conversation with others involved, that I was not the only one experiencing this sensation.  Many of us recognized that we were witnessing the emergence of something extraordinarily powerful.  Those present at the RAM Galleri during the opening have shared with me that the energy contained in this project was palpable -- perhaps not comprehensible, but it was as tangible as light itself.

With my friends and colleagues, we have tried to analyze the experience; what about The White Cube Remix created this unique sensation that we could only attempt to describe, its potentency and vibrancy quite unique  We recognized that we were witnessing the idealism of the sharing culture movement in action as the ideas and music flowed between us. 

People were thinking about the intentions of the exhibition itself -- to explode/implode the white cube, and what that meant.  People expressed how they were inspired by a phrase or specific notion expressed in the white cube poem.  People shared that they were simply excited to think that their music would be playing in an art gallery far far away from where they lived and that, in itself, was just so cool!  Most importantly, people were clearly thinking, clearly inspired on a personal level by the creative opportunity presented by this project.

Perhaps it was the inclusive nature of this project.  The criteria to have one's song played in the gallery was quite simple: the remix had to contain either (or both) of the samples created by Gurdonark or me and it had to be uploaded to ccmixter by December 7.  We preferred uploads with an attribution-only license as an expression of our support for sharing culture, and to facilitate future use of the material (we intend to release The White Cube Remix), but that was not required to be part of the sonic installation.  As a collaborative work, TWC Remix strikes me as being unique as it is a collection of complete works versus the result of a myriad of individuals contributing "parts" to a whole.  It is a "whole" created by an amalgamation of other "wholes."  Each mix is like a self-sufficient cell, that when combined with other cells, creates an organism quite distinct from its cellular structure.

On of the goals of The White Cube Remix was to demonstrate how an open, international collective of artists could not only transform traditional notions of what it means to experience a gallery space, but what it means to be part of an international community whose reach, through technological advances, becomes both broader and closer.  ccMixter is an outstanding example of how technology brings people together through a creative process into relationship.  It is a light that traverses space and time.

I am still trying to fully understand The White Cube Remix.  I have been infused with inspiration, awe and gratitude for being part of something that provided not only an exquisite creative opportunity, but the chance to enter into new relationships, and explore existing relationships, which is really what it's ultimately all about -- being connected in light and love.

* * *

Special thanks to Professor Rolf Gerstlauer, the curator of RAM Galleri's 20th anniversary exhibition, for opening the window to the white cube and inviting us in.  Special thanks to Robert Nunnally (Gurdonark) for being a most splendid partner in this project, and an ongoing inspiration through the many beautiful ways in which he expresses himself.  Special thanks to Per Teglestrom (St. Paul) for attending The White Cube Remix opening,  Special thanks to Emily Richards and Jason Brock for bringing the enthusiastic support of ArtisTech into this project, and supplying resources and manpower where needed. Special thanks to Kristine Fresvig and Eli of the RAM Galleri for inviting us into the space. Special thanks to Erik and Inger and our other Norwegian friends who helped make The White Cube Remix happen.

And most importantly, special thanks to the ccmixter community that demonstrates on a daily basis the beauty of creative sharing.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The White Cube Remix project opened at RAM Galleri. I have been overwhelmed with love for this project, what it represents, the people involved.  Playful banter turned into the most significant creative work I have been involved in to date.

My partner, Gurdonark (Robert Nunnally) and I created a blog to describe and track The White Cube Remix project.  You can fine it here.

Bob wrote eloquently about his experience of the opening on his blog here.

My dear friend, St. Paul (Per Teglestrom) wrote about his first-hand experience of going to Oslo to the opening here. (And he includes pictures too!)

RAM Galleri posted the video of the opening on its page here.

* * *

Today is also my 20th wedding anniversary. H. broke the rule and gave me a sparkling gift anyway.  We drank martnis and had a lovely meal together.  Next weekend, we will go to Cambria together for a romantic getaway.

* * *

This has been an extraordinary day. I am too busy at work to write properly about it.  And I need to process the power of The White Cube Remix as well as the depth of celebrating my love.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Mixin' Kitchen 13 -- December Chill

December Chill. Smooth tracks to warm a winter chill and relax by during the holiday season selected from uploads on of this December and Decembers past.

You can listen here or via itunes (just search ccmixter).