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Saturday, August 29, 2009


  1. Trattoria Contadina in North Beach. Nice, quiet, neighborly. White linen tablecloth, dry red wine, a waiter who smiles and the right amount of garlic. The four of us chatting amicably as we tasted everything, except for S. who was not hungry. The fog mist and fortune cookie parables leading us down the street. We were met by a friendly woman who shared her history. Inquiries at City Lights; I suggested John Irving, and Water for Elephants and the french book with hedgehog in the title, finally settling on the staff choice of the book with the illustration of the doves on the cover that left me breathless when I finished reading it, but of course, I cannot remember the title, or the author, only the feeling of having been swept away in a world of language and image that was deep and moving, and fulfilling to read.
  2. My fortune: The Mystic Ray finds that you are sensitive, with master mind and organization powers analytical and can see both sides of a question. Keen sense of humor. Good money sense, diplomatic. . .
  3. H. lost his keys. While he went into the hotel to see if they were found, I pulled his luggage out of the trunk of the car and started rummaging through in the hopes I might find them in a pocket somewhere. An elderly, toothless man, putting quarters in the parking meter, cheerfully started asking me a number of questions, his voice soft and accent thick so some where misunderstood: "You going now? . . .Why you go now? . . .Where you live? . . .It is hot there. . .Here it is very cold. . .You going now?"
  4. Treated to tequila and dinner with our dearest family friends who happened to be staying down the road in Pismo. An early morning walk along the shore with S., collecting sand dollars -- one for each of us. The pelicans majestically floated above in perfect formation the grace of their flight surprising. The friendly fruit vendor who gladly packed up fruits and artichokes and beans for us, but looked as if he could easily knife us if we threatened his brother. Across the street, a building advertised a vaudeville show. The sand dunes peaked above the view point, between the houses weathered and faded. Accompanied home by hawks, soaring above the vineyards, inviting inspiration.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was a Good Day

Today was my youngest daughter's birthday. We started the day early, waking S. up so she would have sufficient time to shower, dress and practice before her band concert. She played bass. Before we left for the show, she opened her birthday gifts which included clothing, a new drum pedal, a cow bell and tambourine for her drum kit, and a gift certificate to a local used cd store. We arrived at the show which was held at the Knitting Factory. It was packed. My father, brother and mother-in-law showed up to offer their support. S.'s band was surprisingly terrific, everyone playing with a high level of competence and mastery unexpected for kids their age. Despite the fact that S. did not smile the entire time she played, she claims she enjoyed herself. After the show, we all went out for brunch at a deli where we ordered way too much food so my brother took it all home with him. My husband and I dropped our girls off at the local vintage clothing store's weekly $1 parking lot store where they did a bit of scrounging. We then drove back home, checked in for a moment, and decided to go see the new Harry Potter movie which ultimately left me with the same feeling as the book did when I read it. I bought S. a new pair of boots. After the movie, we went back to my mother-in-laws to meet up with my sister-in-law and nieces, all of us walking to the local vegan Thai restaurant where we had a delicious feast in honor of S.'s birthday. Back at my mother-in-laws, we had cupcakes and ice cream. (S. requested a clown cone for her birthday.) Finally, we came home. My husband is in bed. The girls are watching a movie. I completed registration forms as my older daughter, T. has registration and orientation for school tomorrow. I listened to music. I wrote this blog post. S. came in to give me a hug and a kiss and to tell me she had a good day. It was a good day, a nice day, busy in a relaxed way sort of day, spent with the family. It was lovely.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Mixin Kitchen 3 -- "Tell Me"

The latest episode of The Mixin’ Kitchen is now up! “Tell Me” features mixes of words spoken or whispered, announcing to the world the intent of a message, the cadence and rhythm carrying the meaning, melody superfluous as the speaker sets for the images in poetry or prose. This episode includes just a handful of the hundreds of wonderful spoken word mixes in the ccMixter archive.
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Monday, August 03, 2009


Post-garden party. Old friends, and older friends congregated with new. Those who were here enjoyed an abundance of food and sunshine. The cats unusually social. Children running around the house grasping cookies. Many guests never appeared due to sickness, and forgetfulness, leaving us with way too much food. My disappointment drowned during the late evening after party with the lingering few in candlelight with dry red wine amidst our laughter, reminding me how happy I am to be with those who choose to be with me.

While the day was clearly a success, every one's enjoyment of each other clear as people stayed, my desire to entertain any time soon has been purged, despite my natural inclination to host.