All Mixed Up at ccMixter

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jack is Fat

Evening derailed by cat urgency, not quite emergency. Had to take Jack to the vet. I was there for about two hours. At least I read a good book. But now I am covered with cat hair and I am wearing a black t-shirt. I left my cell phone at home. Then Haskel, very chivalrously, visited me at the vet and brought me my phone. Just in time too. Jack was done with his treatment. The cat carrier is very large (another story) and Jack is hefty so I let Haskel take Jack with him in his car. The vet suggested putting Jack on a diet, but that is impractical as we are a three cat household, much to the chagrin of my mother-in-law who despises cats, and the dismay of many of our friends who happen to be allergic to cats. Besides, Jack's heft contributes to his charm.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My latest remix. The Colour of Blue

This a song written by Narva9 (Yvonne). She offered it to me to sing. I was not satsified just doing it as an a capella to upload to ccMixter. I was compelled to do a mix. So I did. Meanwhile, rslane who I sampled on saxophone, asked if he could re-do the sax part. Jurgen Hermann also offered to re-do sax parts. Thus, this song may be updated in the near future.