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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was a Good Day

Today was my youngest daughter's birthday. We started the day early, waking S. up so she would have sufficient time to shower, dress and practice before her band concert. She played bass. Before we left for the show, she opened her birthday gifts which included clothing, a new drum pedal, a cow bell and tambourine for her drum kit, and a gift certificate to a local used cd store. We arrived at the show which was held at the Knitting Factory. It was packed. My father, brother and mother-in-law showed up to offer their support. S.'s band was surprisingly terrific, everyone playing with a high level of competence and mastery unexpected for kids their age. Despite the fact that S. did not smile the entire time she played, she claims she enjoyed herself. After the show, we all went out for brunch at a deli where we ordered way too much food so my brother took it all home with him. My husband and I dropped our girls off at the local vintage clothing store's weekly $1 parking lot store where they did a bit of scrounging. We then drove back home, checked in for a moment, and decided to go see the new Harry Potter movie which ultimately left me with the same feeling as the book did when I read it. I bought S. a new pair of boots. After the movie, we went back to my mother-in-laws to meet up with my sister-in-law and nieces, all of us walking to the local vegan Thai restaurant where we had a delicious feast in honor of S.'s birthday. Back at my mother-in-laws, we had cupcakes and ice cream. (S. requested a clown cone for her birthday.) Finally, we came home. My husband is in bed. The girls are watching a movie. I completed registration forms as my older daughter, T. has registration and orientation for school tomorrow. I listened to music. I wrote this blog post. S. came in to give me a hug and a kiss and to tell me she had a good day. It was a good day, a nice day, busy in a relaxed way sort of day, spent with the family. It was lovely.

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