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Thursday, December 17, 2009


The White Cube Remix project opened at RAM Galleri. I have been overwhelmed with love for this project, what it represents, the people involved.  Playful banter turned into the most significant creative work I have been involved in to date.

My partner, Gurdonark (Robert Nunnally) and I created a blog to describe and track The White Cube Remix project.  You can fine it here.

Bob wrote eloquently about his experience of the opening on his blog here.

My dear friend, St. Paul (Per Teglestrom) wrote about his first-hand experience of going to Oslo to the opening here. (And he includes pictures too!)

RAM Galleri posted the video of the opening on its page here.

* * *

Today is also my 20th wedding anniversary. H. broke the rule and gave me a sparkling gift anyway.  We drank martnis and had a lovely meal together.  Next weekend, we will go to Cambria together for a romantic getaway.

* * *

This has been an extraordinary day. I am too busy at work to write properly about it.  And I need to process the power of The White Cube Remix as well as the depth of celebrating my love.

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