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Friday, September 22, 2006


This morning, I took my daughter to her friend's house. Her friend lives on a quiet suburban street. At the intersection of the street, the water had collected into a small hollow. As I turned the corner, a bird was standing in the water. I stopped the car, as the bird took no action to move out of my way.

The bird was a small hawk. I looked it in the eye.

I used to see hawks all the time. In the spring and summer, I saw them every day as I commuted to work. the hawks circled over the freeway, swooping with the air currents in that motionless flight unique to these birds. Why would they circle the freeway? There was no prey -- just the traffic. Why were they there for me to see?

I also saw hawks daily from my office window as my office is in the hills of Southern California. I often saw them in pairs. As the summer became hotter, I stopped seeing them.

Recently, I have not seen too many hawks. When I became aware that I had not seen hawks for a while I became a little anxious. The hawks are messengers that things are alright. To not see the hawks did not bode well. I do find it significant that today's hawk sighting, at such close range too (most unusual), corresponds with Rosh Hoshanna -- although I am not yet sure what it signifies.

I am always grateful when I see them. Their grace. Their flight -- as if they own the wind. I just learned that hawks are a powerful totem. They are messengers and guides to inspiration.


Katherine said...

Dear Mrs. Joseph,
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I, too, am a middle-aged working mother living in Hudson, Ohio. Two of my children are grown and gone -- the oldest is a Marine Captain living in San Diego (MCRD San Diego). I LOOOOOOOVE Kite Runner (best book I've read this year -- I am an English teacher) and singing at the top of my lungs! I am a coloratura soprano. ;-) J

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It does help that there is at least one other mom struggling like me.

I love birds too. When I see any bird it reminds me how God takes care of even the smallest sparrow, and I know he watches me too!

I look forward to reading your blog some more at a decent hour!

Kevin the Collie said...

I liked your story about hawks and I am sorry that you have not seen many of late. We have a healthy group of breeding kestrels in the church next to my house, so be assured there are still plenty of raptors around. I agree, it lifts the spirits to see them. At least Kevin does not try to mess with them ..

Mrs. Joseph said...

To Katherine, Tiffany and Kevin -- I do appreciate your visit and that you took the time to read my blog. Thank you.

Mr. Smolin said...

Mrs. Joseph,

Glad I stopped by to set a spell in your kitchen.

Lovely meditation on hawks. Let me hip you to the band I See Hawks In L.A., especially their song entitled, well, "I See Hawks In L.A." You can hear it here:

I think it captures some of the mystic magic you describe.

Keep on engaging the world with words . . .

Mrs. Joseph said...

Mr. Smolin -- thanks for hipping me to "I see Hawks In LA." I sure do appreciate it.