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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I cannot count how many times my friends and I discuss what we will cook for dinner while we are in the the middle of eating lunch.

I love food. It is not that I just like to eat, which I do, but it is more about loving food -- the idea of food, the preparation of food, the feeding of others, thinking about food, talking about food, reading about food. Food as an art form. Cooking as a challenge.

Considering the obesity rates in the U.S. it looks like food is a weapon of mass destruction in this country.

Contrary to the foregoing, my whole life is not centered around food. While I am a creative home cook, by no means am I a gourmet cook with fancy techniques. I peruse cookbooks, but only rarely make recipes from them, preferring to create my own version of whatever has been tested and published. Because I keep kosher, there are many foods I do not touch. I do not even eat out all the much, and when I do, I tend to go to the same restaurants and order the same dish.

I hate eating out alone. That seems to run in my family as my father hates eating alone too. It makes me so sad to see other people eating alone, especially if the person is fat or cranky looking or old or so tuned into the food that s/he is oblivious to the surroundings.

I do love the social aspect of dining. I so look forward to mealtime when I am with a friend at lunch or hosting 25 people for Thanksgiving dinner. As noted in prior posts, cooking for others is one of my all-time favorite activities. Here are 10 of my favorite foods:

  1. Cutta (sweet and sour beet soup)
  2. Asparagus roasted with olive oil and kosher salt
  3. Chicken roasted with lemon and garlic
  4. Coconut Curry
  5. Cesar Salad
  6. Grilled Salmon
  7. Ice cream
  8. Chai tea
  9. Pureed cauliflower
  10. Pie

You are welcome to let me know what some of your favorite foods are.


Anonymous said...

I LUV FOOD!!! And I am thankful I have enough. I have a huge sweet tooth but, I also like vegetables. I don't know why most kids hate vegetables, they're not that bad. Maybe it's because they have to eat it so they don't want to. My favorite food...Well I have a favorite food for all categories.
Vegetables: Peppers, cucumbers, spinach
Fruit: Apricots, white peaches, and water melons...yuuuumm
Fast food: Orange Delite Hamburgers with everything on it except onion and french fries
Meat: Grilled Steak
Dessert: Chinese Almond Cookies with Fudge Center, Ice Cream, Blueberry Bundt Cake

and candy.

That is all I have to say about food...oh ya and I would like you all to know that I am a child myself at the age of 11 years...Mrs. Joseph's youngest daughter.

Kell said...

A big g'day from us here in Australia to you .. Thanks for leaving a comment on my daughter's blog :) Your her first official comment, LOL Hope you have a great day!

Mrs. Joseph said...

Kell -- thanks for stopping by my kitchen.