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Sunday, October 08, 2006


This weeked was Sukkot. Generally, I have to work on Sukkot. While I am able to take time off for Rosh Hoshana, Yom Kippur and Passover, I usually cannot get the time off work for Sukkot. This year, however, since Sukkot fell on the weekend, I was able to be here. This meant I cooked.

And I cooked. And I cooked.

I was so pleased to be home for the holiday that I invited guests on Friday night. I invited guests for Saturday lunch. I invited guests for Sunday lunch. There were at least 12 of us at each meal.

And I was so pleased to cook for all of them.

I made cutta (sweet-sour beet soup), beef curry, lemon garlic chicken, spiced cauliflower, eggplant with basil, green bean bajee, rice, hashua, shufta, green salad, egg salad, baked eggs, cauliflower en croute, salmon with herbs de provence, tuna salad, autumn salad, greek salad. My daughter made lasagna. I served humuus, and challah, seven layer cake, checker board cake, apple pie, medjool dates, cashew crisps, rugalah, cookies, grapes and almonds. We went through several bottles of wine, and Pelligrino, soda, coffee, black tea, mint tea.

Every body ate. We laughed a lot. We had fresh flowers in the sukkah. In the garden there were hummingbirds, and butterflies the size of tea saucers fluttering among the purple sage blossoms.

What a blessing to feed my friends!


Tamara said...

Hey - I don't remember tasting any beef curry or the seven layer cake! Mrs. Joseph, you are a fabulous hostess and cook. You have inspired me to try and cook for my family - I'm sure my spousal unit would be happy to stop eating so much take-out! Thanks so much for including us - you have such wonderful friends and a very special family. Which leads me to your "100 Things" list . . . How could you possibly wish to be a better mother? You are the absolute best! Again, you are an inspiration to me. Your children are kind, intelligent, helpful and beautiful - inside and out. When we are your guests, I marvel at watching your kids not just participating in family activities, but actually enjoying them. Do you know how rare that is? Whatever doubts or worries you may have, being a better mother should not be among them!

Thanks again for such a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon with great food and even better company - if that's possible.

Mrs. Joseph said...

Tamara -- thanks for the very kind words. I love seeing you and your family as well. I hope we've established a tradition.

Sioux said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Really enjoyed reading about your weekend!

I am not doing a lot of art right now, either. I am on vacation for a couple of weeks...when we get home I will prepare for hip replacement surgery. I am working on a turning twenty quilt, but that's all. Oh, and I am starting a drawing class on a yahoo group the end of October.

Mrs. Joseph said...

Sioux -- I hope your surgery goes well.