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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Earliest Memory

I was around two or maybe three years old. I was outside with other children who were bigger than I was. I was wearing a new two-piece bathing suit. I was very proud of my new two-piece bathing suit. I felt like a big girl in my new two-piece bathing suit. One of the bigger kids told me that the bottom was on inside-out. Right away, standing outside on the sidewalk, I took of the bottom, turned it right side out and put it back on. The other children laughed at me because my bottom was bare for that moment. I felt a brief sense of shame.


Singapore Sports Fan said...

Thanks Mrs Joseph for dropping by. Observations on the Singapore sports scene would probably not be your cup of tea though *grin*

I've bookmarked your blog and intend to visit it occasionally to view your latest musings. Take care

Singapore Sports Fan

Mrs. Joseph said...

To Singapore sports fan: Thanks!